Ken McAllister

Director and Professor of Rhetoric, Composition & the Teaching of English
Dept. of English
Associate Dean of Research & Program Innovation, College of Humanities

Ken S. McAllister, PhD, is Director of the UA’s iSchool (The School of Information), new to the University of Arizona this year. His scholarship includes the history of technology, computer culture (hacking, phreaking, breaking and virus writing) and computer games. In 1999, he co-founded and continues to co-direct the Learning Games Initiative (LGI), an international trans-disciplinary organization that studies, teaches with and builds computer games. Ken also co-curates the LGI Archive, one of the world's largest working research archives devoted to game studies with 10,000+ games from around the world, more than 100 working game systems representing the half-century long history of computer games and an uncountable number of game related items, from the latest scholarly monographs to obscure Pac-Man tumblers from the 1980s. He has lectured, published and taught extensively on the rhetorics of new media, game industry labor practices and digital aesthetics.