An Evening with Tracie Morris

Friday, April 7, 2017 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Kore Press brings black artist, actor, experimental vocalist and scholar, Tracie Morris, to Tucson after an 8-year political hiatus to perform work exploring diversity, sound, power, and class at a time when audiences are clamoring for new ways to consider the tumult in current national life.

In An Evening with Tracie Morris, the artist performs her sonically rich variation of a well-known Stanley Kubrick film, Eyes Wide Shut, injecting a black female perspective into a story where it does not exist.

Tracie’s work resonates with Southern Arizona’s long-standing commitment to its diverse citizenry, cultures, knowledges, views, and traditions. The artist’s return re-establishes a bond made 8 years ago (before SB 1070/now dismantled), between an artist of conscious and our city.

The provocative dinner theater event offers opportunities for diverse communities to connect with one another across gender, race, and class differences and promote critical thinking about power inequities. At a time when the need for open forums and safe spaces for public dialog is high, Morris’ work on sound, politics and contemporary issues comes not a moment too soon. UA Professor Stephanie Troutman leads the pre-performance talk with Morris on April 7.

Cost for dinner and performance is $26. Visit for details. UA cosponsors include: Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry, UA Libraries (Equity, Social Justice, Diversity Committee), African American Student Affairs, Poetry Center, Women's Resource Center, UAMA, Medical Humanities.