Arabic Language Planning in Egypt: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Friday, April 14, 2017 - 3:00pm

Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry researchers Mahmoud Azaz, Assistant Professor of Arabic Language & Linguistics, School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies; Mary Carol Combs,  Associate Professor, Department of Teaching, Learning, and Socio cultural Studies;  Olga Bever, Assistant Research Professor in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offer a presentation on the progression of their Confluencenter project. This is part of the 2017 MENAS Colloquium Series.

Arabic Language Planning in Egypt: An Interdisciplinary Approach addresses growing “English-ization” and globalization in Egypt by investigating language acquisition planning models that promote Arabic learning in Egypt. Through analyzing how Arabic language perception in Egypt has changed, this project aims to propose best practices for Arabic language teacher training and curriculum development.

"To better understand this complex reality and contribute to changing it, this collaborative project offers an adequate language-planning model that reinstates standard Arabic in Egypt," Azaz said. "In achieving this aim, we will enhance existing interdisciplinary research that bridges language policy, educational planning and language pedagogy."

More information here.